At MIUSE you can get your daily fashion, beauty and interior fix, all in one. In our store you will find the perfect combination of established vs edgy and emerging fashion, interior & beauty brands. This all is complemented with a dash of cool photography and illustrations, to set the right mood.

Style that is covetable as well as timeless, that's our life motto and we aim to spread the love and joy of being stylish.

If you haven't visit our store in Amsterdam yet, hurry on up, we pinky swear you'll feel right at home! No time for store visits because life is too busy with being busy? No worries, just stretch your index finger and familiarize yourself with our very covetable selection of products which we also offer online.  


At MIUSE we are very proud of our covetable selection of must have brands. So proud that we want to showcase them so that you can get as excited as we are. Below we present our little puppies, each with a small introduction and ofcourse the accompanying products.


So, you're curious about our fav products? Well it's really hard to choose as we love and hand picked them all personally... but every now and then we have our ultimate favourites. Without these babies our world be ever so empty. Yes, FWP's, but let's be honest... aren't these puppies just to die for? You're welcome.


Well these pieces are definitely the creme de la creme of our product range! They went so fast, that there's only ONE left... So you know what you have to do now. Be quick though, because these little puppies vanish like snow on a sunny day. And poof... it's gone.


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