After working for the two biggest global denim brands, Par Lundqvist, Richard Bell and Stephen Little realized there was a gap in the current market for a modern denim brand that had "an edge which would better suit the counter culture rebels of the 1950′s, living today". The corporate approach missed the "mark of what made jeans the uniform of youth culture", so NEUW Denim was born. And boy are we glad.

Neuw is definitely a breath of fresh air in the wonderful world of jeans. They offer the best fitted jeans, fabrics, details and finishes. And did we mention that you’ll look absolutely fab in every piece of Neuw clothing? We’re hooked.

Fun fact: Lundqvist used to cut up his vintage jeans to fit the modern style he wanted, whilst he was living in Belgium on Nieuwland Straat. Hence Neuw Denim. Bet you didn’t know that!


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